Thursday, 7 January 2010

ACTION COMICS #1 the re work!

This is for my current illustration project and is the fruit of around ten or twelve hours hard graft in photoshop. I did the whole thing digitally and learned a lot doing it. My favourite part of the whole thing though is the car. That was difficult! I'm not so keen on the fire though i couldn't quite get the hang of making the car's front end look like it was actually on fire. Special thanks obviously to lauren for letting me work in her house too :)

Sunday, 3 January 2010

and another thing!

here is another piece ive been working on. taking considerably more time than the gen piece this is a more finished work. still going for a painterly style in photoshop i was playing with the idea of a buddy holly stlye character sparking up a cigerette. whilst i think i have the lighting and the overall composition about right i dont like the hair, and im going to have to sit down and really focus on creating some hair brushes for when i paint. oh and dont get me started on the hand. Thats something else to work on!

I have my wacom! time to post! :)

For this christmas i recieved a B E A utifull Bamboo wacom - and i have been scribbling on it since i opened it :) so far so good. I have been working towards more paintingy (its now a word) style within photoshop. This is a portait of Gene from the 200ad series kingdom, at the moment he is my favourite character to sketch simply because of his tatoos which are fun to work with :) i am thinking of working on a black and white ink style pinup - where the tatoos are blue? this sketch took roughly three quarters of an hour.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Fighting For The Top!

This is an Illustration for Uni, basically revolving around an article I read about in a paper about women not enjoying working with other women because they are too bitchy and too emotional. so I decided to draw up a massive fight to show this - pencils and ink then i coloured it in photoshop :)

Thursday, 19 November 2009


O.K i got my new laptop and have decided to join the legions of the bloggers/undead - as soon as i can i will start posting up doodles etc that i will do with my wacom which I WILL GET!! so you will have to do with this old illustration i did a few weeks ago