Thursday, 7 January 2010

ACTION COMICS #1 the re work!

This is for my current illustration project and is the fruit of around ten or twelve hours hard graft in photoshop. I did the whole thing digitally and learned a lot doing it. My favourite part of the whole thing though is the car. That was difficult! I'm not so keen on the fire though i couldn't quite get the hang of making the car's front end look like it was actually on fire. Special thanks obviously to lauren for letting me work in her house too :)

Sunday, 3 January 2010

and another thing!

here is another piece ive been working on. taking considerably more time than the gen piece this is a more finished work. still going for a painterly style in photoshop i was playing with the idea of a buddy holly stlye character sparking up a cigerette. whilst i think i have the lighting and the overall composition about right i dont like the hair, and im going to have to sit down and really focus on creating some hair brushes for when i paint. oh and dont get me started on the hand. Thats something else to work on!

I have my wacom! time to post! :)

For this christmas i recieved a B E A utifull Bamboo wacom - and i have been scribbling on it since i opened it :) so far so good. I have been working towards more paintingy (its now a word) style within photoshop. This is a portait of Gene from the 200ad series kingdom, at the moment he is my favourite character to sketch simply because of his tatoos which are fun to work with :) i am thinking of working on a black and white ink style pinup - where the tatoos are blue? this sketch took roughly three quarters of an hour.